e-CPD materials and Well-being Centre Forum

Result 3: e-CPD materials for Language Teachers and a Wellbeing Centre Forum 

Result 3 is designed to empower online language instructors by enhancing their skill sets and ensuring they stay up to date with the latest online teaching technologies, resources, and methodologies. Additionally, it facilitates teacher-led CPU sessions in both online and podcast formats, enabling educators to create educational materials for their peers. Result 3 consists of four key components:

Programmed online Continuous Professional Development (CPD) sessions led by the participants themselves.
A comprehensive Teaching Activities Resources Repository for Language Teachers.
A dedicated Well-being Center, offering a platform for participants to share and seek support related to their overall well-being.

A language exchange program that provides monoglot teachers with the opportunity to learn about language acquisition by engaging in language-sharing with educators from different regions or countries. This experience enhances their understanding of the challenges faced by language learners when acquiring a new language. The language exchange operates as a virtual marketplace, allowing language teachers to promote their availability and connect with suitable exchange partners. It can also incorporate a user-friendly bot for beginners.

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