Results Framework

Result 1: Framework for Teaching in the Digital Sphere

Result 1 has made significant contributions to the field of language education with the production of two pivotal documents. These documents are the result of extensive research and development in the realm of online language teaching and provide valuable insights into the methods and approaches used by teachers, as well as a dynamic framework for effective online language instruction. Let’s delve into these documents to understand their significance.

Research Report: Methods and Approaches for Online Teaching
Result 1 is a comprehensive research report that explores the methods and approaches employed by both offline and online language teachers. This report addresses the essential question of whether traditional offline teaching methods and tasks can be successfully adapted to the online teaching environment.

“A Framework for Teaching in the Digital Sphere”
“A Framework for Teaching in the Digital Sphere,” is a groundbreaking contribution. This dynamic, user-led framework empowers language teachers to develop, frame, and manage protocols for online language teaching. It establishes learning and teaching processes that consider both the teacher and their interactions with their learners.

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