The project includes 5 partners from 5 countries (Spain, Ireland, Romania, Cyprus, Greece):

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Centro Superior de Formación Europa Sur (CESUR) is a private VET centre as well as training for employment centre. As a VET center we have two kind of trainings: upper secondary education level (EQF level 4) and tertiary education level (EQF level 5). CESUR has been accredited by the Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Employment to provide official training in Vocational and Educational Training (VET) as well as Professional Certificates (EQF levels 1, 2 and 3). Nowadays, CESUR is made of 22 reference VET centres due to its pedagogical proposal and educational quality. All centres are based in the most important Spanish cities: Madrid, Málaga, Sevilla, Zaragoza, Murcia, Cáceres, Badajoz, Ceuta, Las Palmas de Gran Canaria and Santa Cruz de Tenerife. It does also provide formal online training. From an academic point of view (Ministry of Education), CESUR is accredited to provide a large catalogue of VET courses. More than 93 different degrees are offered belonging to the most requested industrial sectors: Aeronautics, Health, Sports, Financial and Management, Trade and Marketing, Tourism, Audiovisuals, Computing and ICT. Those degrees are offered in three different modalities: under attendance (presence-based), online or dual system (work-linked training).

Eurospeak Ireland is an educational technological consulting company dedicated to delivering educational products and specialised training. It aims is to promote educational tools through actions supporting an innovative and technologically creative environment, together with a special focus on disadvantaged groups and their economic and social inclusion.
Eurospeak Ireland’s purpose is to promote collaboration and educational enhancement through the development and use of educational technologies. We do this as a SME working in the market with companies needing some kind of support.

The European Centre for Socio-professional Integration ACTA (AbilitiesCareerTrainingAttitude) promotes the educational activities, professional and social skills development of young people and adults in order to be able to adapt and to integrate effectively in a dynamic society. ACTA aims to enhance people empowerment, entrepreneurship, creativity, social inclusion, the acceptance of cultural diversity through intercultural learning and to encourage people to develop their ideas and initiatives into concrete projects through lifelong education. ACTA has a combined staff of teachers in schools and university with significant experience in training and research projects as well as psychologists and social workers who can deliver and support counselling activity as required. The project managing staff has relevant experience in coordinating and integrating European transnational projects targeting elderly people, in design, research, international scientific collaboration and participation in international scientific meetings

With over 20 years of combined experience in research and education, RESET develops constructive and education-centred solutions to the most demanding societal challenges of our time. RESET invests on the creation, evolution, and revolution of social-driven concepts, systems and practices which prioritize humanity. RESET accelerates and amplifies positive local, national, regional and global change through the power of research and education. We aim for social development by promoting peace and justice, diversity and tolerance, and integration as well as reintegration. The purpose of RESET is to promote a fair and peaceful world through education, positive transformative dialogue, skill development and constructive action. RESET is working in close cooperation with governments, local municipalities, NGOs, commercial entities, and educational institutions in order to address market, social, economic and cultural challenges. Recent collaborations of our organization have been with the National Gambling Authority, the Youth Board of Cyprus and three large Municipalities across Cyprus.

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EEPEK (Epistimoniki Enosi gia tin Proothisi tis Ekpaideftikis Kainotomias), i.e. Scientific Association for the Promotion of Educational Innovation, is a Greek not-for-profit organization. EEPEK members are education professionals from all levels of education, from pre-school to Secondary and Higher education as well as adult education and VET. Its mission is the promotion of innovation in education through a series of events and activities that will support the creation, evaluation and dissemination of innovative educational practices, methodologies and tools within the European Education Area and the society at large. The above is achieved through a number of activities, such as the organization of training seminars, workshops, and conferences, the publication of a scientific journal, as well as the participation and cooperation in the frameworks of national and European programs. EEPEK’s portal ( provides open access to its scientific journal (IJEI – International Journal of Educational Innovation) and the proceedings of its annual conferences.

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